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Designer resale shoes.
They say, "If the shoe fits, wear it".
We say, "If the shoe fits, wear it with style".
We're certain you'll notice the difference as you browse our collection. 


US Sizes  EU Sizes
Size 5 M US   Size 35 M EU  
Size 5.5 M US           Size 35.5 M EU
Size 6 M US   Size 36 M EU
Size 6.5 M US  Size 36.5 M EU
Size 7 M US Size 37 M EU
Size 7.5 M US   Size 37.5 M EU
Size 8 M US  Size 38 M EU
Size 8.5 M US   Size 38.5 M EU
Size 9 M US  Size 39 M EU
Size 9.5 M US  Size 39.5 M EU
Size 10 M US  Size 40 M EU
Size 10.5 M US Size 40.5 M EU
Size 11 M US   Size 41 M EU